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The next Taylorville City Council meeting will take place Monday evening. The meeting will take place at 7 PM and will recognize some Taylorville Police Officers including Alan Mills, Christian Nelson, and Wes Withrow along with Detective Christopher Adams. The Aldermen will get an update on the 2020 census. There will also be an oath of office taken by new Lake Superintendent Geoffrey Ortman and Cemetery Sexton Mike Tennant.


Ordinances will be discussed concerning the airport manager, Taylorville City Code on the Cemetery, and a look at the Sunset Avenue Extension.  Some motions that will be discussed include a motion to extend the remaining summer help to the maximum limit of 599 hours to be paid out of the 2% Utility Tax Ward, a motion will be brought forward to remove the freeze on the 2% Utility Tax Ward spending.


Under committee reports, there will be a motion to recommend the Fire Chief to proceed with preventative maintenance and to purchase new Knox Boxes.  Under personnel, there is a motion to recommend hiring one additional police officer and to advertise for a full-time dispatcher.   Under Lake/Airport, there is a motion to approve a request for the tent camping area to be relocated, and approval of the money collected from adding a second camper to the Lake Lots. Under Water/ Environmental there is a motion to approve the purchase of two feed pumps and to approve a service agreement with HACH.


As always there will be city attorney and Mayoral updates from Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry.

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