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The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules or JCAR met on Tuesday to discuss the mandate from Governor JB Pritzker concerning businesses, schools, and childcare centers receiving fines if they don’t make customers wear masks. 

After discussion, Governor Pritzker’s lawyer, Ann Spillane was asked from Senator Sue Rezin about the intent of these rules and how small businesses are concerned that they are going to be hurt by this ruling.



Spillane says that the intent is clear. 


Businesses would need to be required to have signs up that say masks are required, along with offering masks and ensure that all employees wear one. 


For violations, businesses would first face education on the rule, followed by a warning, followed by a fine of anywhere between $75 and $2,500. 


JCAR voted on the new rules and voted in favor of them and supporting the Governor after a motion to suspend the rules failed 6-5. The motion would have needed 8 votes to suspend.


The emergency rule is in place for 180 days effective immediately.

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