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Many people are looking at going on trips to escape from the summer humdrum and to go on regularly planned vacations, but with COVID-19, just how safe is it to go on a trip? The CDC says the best way to prevent COVID-19 is to stay home, but if you are going to go make sure to wear a mask, avoid close contact, and wash your hands often. 


OSF HealthCare Infection Prevention and Control Director, Lori Grooms says that there are many online tools to help assess your risk before travel—especially if you are going to another state or country. One area you should always look at is the positivity rate.



Grooms says that you should avoid travel if that positivity rate has been increasing over the last 7 days.



Grooms also stressed that your risk increases dramatically if the rate of new cases per day is exceeding 15 per 100,000. If you are traveling, Grooms warns, to take your time when it comes to making deals online to make sure you read the fine print and hammer out all the little details before paying.


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