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The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) has an important, but not often discussed job. According to Illinois State Representative Avery Bourne, JCAR will meet this week to discuss the recently proposed new rule from Illinois Governor JB Pritzker.



More and more House and Senate Democrats have called for Speaker Madigan to step down from power, but according to Rep. Bourne it’s not a surprise that so far he has refused to do so.



The lack of transparency from the Pritzker Administration in regards to the COVID-19 relief from the federal government is troubling and Representative Bourne thinks that there needs to be hearings to look into it. 



There needs to be more transparency and House and Senate Democrats should have never given the Governor the ability to spend this money without any oversight.  



Illinois State Representative Avery Bourne was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

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