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The Taylorville School District Board is set to meet on Monday evening at 6 PM to discuss new business, old business, hear communications, and go over reports. The meeting will be held virtually except for School Board Members and administrators who may attend in person.  If you would like to join the meeting remotely, contact the district secretary Julie LaBeane at jlebeane@tcusd3.org to request a code to join the meeting.


Under communications, Superintendent Dr. Chris Dougherty will discuss some donations, the School has received. The Consent Agenda will be looked at and approved. There will be a treasurer’s report, along with Consideration of personnel.


Under old business, the Board will receive an update on online registration, review the Memorial drainage project, get an update on the school year plan, and discuss the levy of the 2020 tax distribution received from Christian County.


Under new business, the board will consider a renewal of the district health care policy, look at district evaluators, and set a budget hearing date for the finance committee along with a hearing for the FY21 budget.


The meeting will end with a report from Superintendent Dr. Dougherty.  Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more on this after the meeting is complete Monday evening.

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