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Christian County Zoning Board of Appeals continued their hearings on the wind turbine debate on Thursday evening. One of the first topics was noise levels. City of Roses Wind Energy attorney, Jim Griffiths says that the noise levels are well within the required levels set by the Illinois Pollution Control Board.



Attorney for Protect Christian County, Phil Leutkehans said that one may be at 39 decibels, but all of them together would be closer to 52 decibels—the equivalent of moderate rainfall. 


Griffiths said you would never reach that level, due to not all of them reaching the spectrum and if all of them were running it would be closer to 46 Decibels.


Zoning Codes were discussed. Attorney for the County, Ben Jacobi talked about some of the writing in the zoning code and how it pertained to the wind turbines.


The Board also talked about decommissioning. Chairman Steve Sipes asked Attorney Griffiths about decommissioning and Griffiths said they get repowered not decommissioned. 



The Board will reconvene on August 19th at 1 PM. 

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