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The Christian County Board met on Monday at noon for a special board meeting. The meeting was set up to approve additional appropriations for Ben Jacobi to continue to help the County during the Wind Turbine debate. The roll call signified a quorum. 


Ben Jacobi spoke at the meeting, thanking the County for their continued support over the years and talked about the great relationship that his firm and the County had. Jacobi said that the WECS project has been worked on for over 7 months. Jacobi said his role is to advise the chairman and as a point person during the hearings. 


The board had set aside $50,000 for legal fees through July. That money has already been spent but the hearings are still ongoing. Jacobi thinks there will still be at least 2 more meetings. The draft for the revised amendment still has to be written and poured over from a legal standpoint. Jacobi said there was still value to him being there, but he understood if the Board didn’t want to spend more money.


Chairwoman Becky Edwards said that the money would come from the Contingency fund. The board heard from Steven Sikes, chairman of the ZBA. Sikes said that Jacobi’s help has been invaluable and he would hate to see it end. He also said that the hearing would be much longer without his help.


A motion was made to send it to the finance committee. After a discussion, that motion was withdrawn. A new motion was made to transfer $5,000 to Attorney Jacobi for the next two meetings until it could be sent to the finance committee for future consideration. The motion passed. 

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