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The Taylorville City Council met this evening to discuss ordinances, resolutions, and motions. Rick Downing was recognized for over 30 years of service as the volunteer of the month.  An ordinance approving a remodel that happened at Angelo’s Pizza to be paid by the BDD fund was approved. 


UTV use was discussed quite heavily. The number of UTV permits was voted to be increased for the trial run that is taking place until October.   Mayor Bruce Barry says he’s unaware of any issues but wants to make bigger stickers a priority for next year.



The motion passed 5-3 with Aldermen Shawn Burtle, Alderman Kathy Driskell, and Alderman Larry Budd voting “No.” 

Mayor Barry thanked everyone for the help with the fourth of July parade and picnic. The Mayor also announced that BDD funds had been approved for helping some of the local businesses.


A motion was approved for Board Member Greg Hager to be the new Chairman of the Cemetery Board. Ordinances for Oak Hill Cemetery prices were approved for $700 for a grave, $700 for regular burial, $500 for cremation, and $100 for Saturday & holiday added to the price. 


Taylorville Fire Chief Matt Adermann was approved to purchase eight fire helmets. There were many personnel decisions that were made at the City Council meeting as well including hiring two police officers laterally for the police department and promoting Travis Ostermeier to a Heavy Equipment Operator in the Cemetery Department. Larry Budd, Finance officer voted no on every single one and said as finance chair he couldn’t vote for spending more money on hiring people right now even though some positions needed it.



The next city council meeting is set for July 20th.

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