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The Taylorville City Council will meet this evening to discuss ordinances, resolutions, and motions. Rick Downing will be recognized as the volunteer of the month. Minutes from all meetings from June and July 1st will be approved. An ordinance establishing an employment policy for certain non-bargaining employees will be voted on. An ordinance approving and authorizing the execution of BDD #1 Redevelopment between the City of Taylorville and Angelo’s Pizza will be voted on. The number of UTV permits will be discussed to increase the number. 


Under cemetery board action, A motion will be put forward to approve Board Member Greg Hager as Chairman of the Cemetery Board. Ordinances will be discussed for Oak Hill Cemetery prices. Under finance committee issues, a motion will be discussed to approve the renewal of insurance coverage and a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. 

Under street and sewer, a motion will be recommended for changes for the driveway at 828 West Vandeveer Street. A discussion will take place on the approval and installation of a stop sign at the corner of Fairview Street. A motion will be recommended for the Journey in July on the West side of the Square July 24th – July 26th. A motion to add a no parking on this side of the street from 311 West Wilson to the curve at the corner of Hawley Street and the installation of two Slow Children at Play signs at 3900 East Lakeshore Drive.


Under Emergency Services, there is a motion for new fire helmets for the Taylorville Fire Department. There is also a motion for the Fire Department to enter into a contract with Yard Heating and Cooling for heating and cooling units. There will be personnel decisions made as well including the ratifying of bills. 


As always, there will be city attorney and Mayoral updates as well. The city council meeting will be preceded by a Finance committee meeting at 6:30 PM at the municipal building.

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