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All of the services at Taylorville Memorial Hospital were resumed in the first part of May and according to the Manager of Therapy Services, Jodi Holcomb, they’re taking every precaution they’re able to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.


Holcomb was very excited to move into the new building, but they only had one day in the new building before they had to close a lot of their services due to COVID-19.



There was a lot of disappointment in regards to having to close things down, but they kept seeing the essential patients until the beginning of May, but now they’re able to see everyone while still able to maintain social distancing. 



Holcomb urges people to please use the new south entrance because it is a lot more convenient.



For more information on Taylorville Memorial Hospital please visit the link on this story at TaylorvilleDailyNews.com. Manager of Therapy Services Jodi Holcomb was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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