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Taylorville School District Has Released A 3-Part COVID-19 Plan For The Upcoming School Year

With school districts resuming in-class learning this fall. Taylorville Superintendent Dr. Chris Dougherty along with her district leadership team has released an overview of a 3-part plan as schools throughout Taylorville get ready to return to in-person instruction. 


Each part of the 3-part plan, according to Dr. Dougherty, includes increased sanitation, follows IDPH guidelines, and will be used “fluidly to address COVID-19 response as needed throughout this year.”


Part one of the plan covers the planned return to in-person instruction on August 18th.  



Part 2 of the plan is a hybrid of both remote and in-person learning. This plan would only be enacted if directed by the state. In this plan, Monday is a remote learning day for all students and students would be split into two separate groups. One group would be on campus on Tuesday and Wednesday and the other group would be on campus on Thursday and Friday, according to Dr. Dougherty. 



Part 3 of the plan is a return to remote learning for all students. This plan would only be enacted if there is a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases in the area. 



Online registration starts the second week in July. Anyone who is new to the school district needs to contact the school to get registered for a Skyward account. To see the letter that the Taylorville School District released, click here

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