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In a 25-minute special meeting held virtually this afternoon and broadcast live on NEW Country 104.1, the Christian County Board failed by one vote to remove board chair Becky Edwards.  


Following comments by various county board members on both sides of the issue, the roll call showed 12 yes votes to replace her, and 4 against the motion.


County Clerk Mike Gianasi told the board that state statute required 4/5'ths of the board members to vote for the motion, which was 13 votes, so the motion failed by one vote.


The meeting started with the motion being made and seconded, followed by Edwards giving a statement saying while she should not have said at the end of the last County Board meeting she had heard enough testimony on the wind projects, the vote to remove her was based on her support of them.



Edwards asked board members if they had reviewed where future county revenues would come from in light of continued decreased revenue from the state.



Edwards said layoffs of county employees could happen if the revenue shortfall is not addressed.



Several board members then made statements for or against Edwards' removal.  Board member  Phil Schneider said since Edwards lost her primary election, she shouldn't be leading the County Board.



Board member Mike McClure told board members Edwards' proposed removal was a veiled threat to stop the wind projects in the county.



Board member Venise McWard said the vote to remove Edwards was not just about wind.



Board member Clark Pearce told board members the vote to replace Edwards should not have happened.



Board member Dale Livingston said the board lacked leadership.



Board member Ray Koonce called the motion with Christian County Clerk Mike Gianasi calling the roll, then declaring that the motion had failed.



The agenda then called for public comment, with several county residents voicing opinions on both sides of the issue.

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