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The Christian County Zoning Board Of Appeals met remotely on Tuesday evening for the first in what will presumably be a 3 hour, 3-night session of evidence, interviews, and questioning concerning wind turbines in Christian County. Steve Sikes, Joe Dorr, Mark Dozier, Joann Howard, Jon Rosenthal, Glen Goodrich, and David Copenbarger were all present for the board. Sikes made some adjustments to the meeting allowing opening statements from all parties involved including Rolling Wind Farms, Rose City Wind Energy, the Christian County Board, and Zoning Administrator Vince Harris. 


Michelle Pavan with Rose City Wind Energy says that turbines are getting taller and more efficient. With turbines getting taller, there will be more power given with fewer structures being built. 



Pavan went on to talk about tax benefits as well. Christian County Board Candidate Thomas Snyder Sr. along with Attorney for Protect Christian County Phil Leutkehans, informed the board that multiple people could not hear or get on and that technical issues made the meeting null and void. Snyder and Sikes had a heated debate and it would continue through most of the evening.


Snyder also grew frustrated that there was no public comment section to ask questions of the witnesses and people giving evidence informing the board that that was a violation of Roberts Rules of Order for meetings.  


Thomas D. Thunder spoke on the decibel levels of wind turbines. He is a licensed audiologist and a board certified noise engineer.  He said that we can’t expect homeowners to close their windows to block noise, retreat indoors, wear earplugs at night or to erect a tall noise barrier to shield the noise. 


Beth Willhite, who has a background in natural resources of over 40 years, spoke out against wind farms especially the damage that they could do to animals. 


Joe Tillman, a professional engineer and an instructor with Lakeland college also spoke as time ran out, and says that the setbacks that would be used in Christian County are already out of date by at least 3 years.


The next Christian County Board Of Appeals Meeting is set for Wednesday evening at 7 PM. The login information and phone numbers remain the same as they were for Tuesday’s meeting. To find out more, visit the Christian County Board’s Website.

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