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Park Board Meets; Votes On Easement And Announces Playgrounds To Open With Phase 4

The Taylorville Park District met on Monday evening and taking center stage was a discussion on a storm sewer easement being put in Jaynes Park to help alleviate some of the flooding on the western side of the city. 


Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry was on hand to answer any questions that the Park Board had concerning the easement. Attorney for the Park Board, Quinn Broverman had some questions concerning some of the writing in the contract. The City agreed to stage any equipment on the fairgrounds so it wouldn’t be sitting on Park property. Mayor Barry asked that the Board work with the City Council to help the 1200 people in the area who needed help from flooding issues. He says that there is a lot more communication between the city and other cooperations.



The Mayor agreed to replant any trees that were displaced. He offered to fix everything to be the way it was, but could not overlook how much this would help the city of Taylorville alleviate flooding issues.  The motion passed by the board to go ahead with the easement as long as there were certain details hammered out in the contract. The Mayor agreed.


The budget passed as well for the next year. Thanks to the state going into Phase 4, the board said that playgrounds would reopen on Friday as long as the state proceeded into the next phase. According to MaryAnn Becker, Ameren will be replacing 1700 feet of fence at Manners Park.



The next park board meeting is set for July 27th.

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