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With summer coming and people making travel plans hitting the road shouldn’t cause any issues to your bowels.  It’s called travel constipation and can be caused from a sudden change to your internal clock, the foods you eat, the size and timing of your meals and increased time spent sitting in airplanes or in a car. 


Dr. Leonardo Lopez, a family medicine physician with OSF Healthcare says that your digestive system can also be affected by stress.


Constipation is defined as experiencing fewer than three bowel movements in a week.  A big part of constipation is hydration.


Other ways to take care of yourself on trips, is to not consume too much caffeine, don’t sit for long periods of time, don’t skip meals or fill up on junk food, and don’t ignore your body when it’s telling you it’s time.  Dr. Lopez also warns against too much alcohol saying that water is still the best option whether you are indoors or outdoors.


If all else fails, Dr. Lopez says there are over-the-counter medications that also work and can help you relieve the stress of constipation.

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