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State Senator Chapin Rose Concerned With Oversights Given To Governor In Spring Session

Despite having no revenue figures from the impacts of the coronavirus economic shutdowns, Illinois democrats led budget negotiations that passed a $40-plus-billion budget in May. 


State Senator Chapin Rose has several concerns about the budget. He has indicated he wanted to wait for figures to come out so they could better predict what they were going to be working with and was critical of the borrowing that took place. One win though for Republicans in the budget was the Governor's strings attached funding to get a progressive income tax passed in November.



The Mahomet Republican has concerns about the oversight of federal spending of federal coronavirus funds, which could easily remain in Chicago and downstate Illinois may not see any of that money.



Lack of control and ripe for corruption are just a few of the ways Sen. Rose described how the bill was written and says he warned a few of his colleagues in the Senate this could end badly.



Sen. Rose feels giving any Governor of any party the ability to spend $600-million is not a good idea but would not say he is questioning Gov. JB Pritzker or that he thought it would happen. 

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