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Senator Manar Pushing For Clinical Trial Coverage Under Medicaid

Senator Andy Manar has been keeping busy pushing through different bills, and if they get to Governor Pritzker’s desk, it would have huge benefits for Illinoisans.  Senator Manar put a bill forward for the Illinois General Assembly that would require Medicaid to cover routine care costs that are received during cancer treatments.  This bill would cover costs for life-saving clinical trials to treat cancer and other serious diseases.


More than 20% of Illinoisans are covered by Medicaid and it is the second-largest type of insurance behind Medicare. Medicare and private insurance carriers cover routine care costs in clinical trial participation, but Medicaid does not, and Senator Manar wants that fixed.


“This is a major stride toward health care equity that will save lives.  Access to the latest, most advanced cancer treatments can mean the difference between life and death for patients, treatments that they are unable to access today. The type of insurance you have shouldn’t disqualify you from accessing treatment that could save your life.”

The legislation was presented originally by the American Cancer Society. 

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