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Taylorville Memorial Day Ceremony Held Virtually in Pre-Recorded Program on NEWSTALK WTIM

The Taylorville Memorial Day Ceremony was held virtually in a pre-recorded program on NEWSTALK WTIM today.  The Taylorville V-F-W Post 4495 organizes the annual event at Oak Hill Cemetery in past years, and also put together the virtual ceremony on WTIM.


Recorded patriotic music was provided by the Taylorville Municipal Band under the direction of Jim Smith.


Taylorville mayor Bruce Barry thanked the veterans that sacrificed so much.



Guest speaker for the virtual ceremony was retired Air Force Chief Master Sargent Gerry (jerry) Mahr (marr), who reviewed how Memorial Day came about.



Mahr said democracy has endured under good and bad times.



Mahr added to remember those who died for our freedom.


V-F-W chaplain Beverly Walker gave the invocation and benediction to the ceremony.  In her benediction, she recited a poem about those who made the ultimate sacrifice.



A host of patriotic organizations did lay wreaths remembering fallen soldiers at Oak Hill Cemetery.

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