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The Christian County Health Department, in a weekend press release, announced that they would be supporting the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) plan for reopening. In their press release they said that, “having a 4-week phased plan will allow adequate time for the Health Department to monitor the ongoing situation and take any necessary actions should there be more positive COVID-19 cases.”


They continued on by saying that Christian County is in good shape to move to phase three on May 29th, but that “moving too quickly through Phases or skipping Phases altogether will not allow the Christian County Health Department to assess, guide, and protect the public.”


The Christian County Health Department also had some advice for business owners. They said that businesses should “assess their abilities to post signage, and consider what measures they will take to protect employee health, visitor/customer health, ensuring physical separation, and preventing unnecessary contact. If you are a business owner, it is recommended that you check with your legal counsel, insurance carrier, license holder and/or permit holder prior to opening. Each business and organization remains responsible for their own liability in conducting business.”


The Christian County Health Department posted the Reopen Illinois Plan and a health and safety protocol checklist to help business owners as we get ready to enter Phase 3. You can check them both out here.

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