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Christian County State's Attorney's Office Clarifies Issues

Christian County State’s Attorney Mike Havera spoke to the press and clarified some of the issues that had been brought before his office regarding the current coronavirus situations. The State's Attorney said that the emergency order is not criminal law but a civil issue. He also says that his office will not have a role in enforcement unless the Department of Public Health takes action.



The other area of concern is licenses and insurance.  Havera says he has no authority over that action. 



Havera went on to give an example of just how many steps need to happen for a business to get shut down.


If someone got sick in the establishment, they could bring a lawsuit to that business as well and it would have to be determined if insurance would cover that as well.


Havera says that if you have any questions or concerns about the process, his office would do their best to answer your questions at 824-4747.

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