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Abraham Lincoln was such a big people person, a stay at home order would have pained him so much, he probably would have ended up with the coronavirus when he was President of the United States.


Basing what we know about the 16th President, Professor Mark Pohlad believes that is just one of several things we can assume about Honest Abe had a pandemic cropped up during his time in office. Pohlad is a Lincoln fanatic and recently wrote a piece titled "What Abraham Lincoln would do in the coronavirus pandemic".


Pohlad believes Lincoln's level-headed nature would have been a huge asset in a time that is very charged with differing opinions and passion behind those opinions. He says a word the President would have used was 'disenthral'. Pohlad says we know this because Lincoln lived a very charged period in our nation's history, the Civil War. 



Another endearing trademark of Lincoln's was to bring in people with differing opinions from his and try to form the best policies based on those differing viewpoints. In a time like this, Pohlad says Lincoln would certainly have turned to experts to guide his decision making.



The country is currently in a state of transition and Pohlad speculates we can get a lot about how Lincoln might have handled a going back to work and rebuilding the economy in his second inaugural address. 


Pohlad hopes as we are still in our homes, folks would explore the history documentaries available on streaming services. He also praises the Abraham Lincoln sculpture on the Clinton Square and the prairie land of Weldon Springs State Park and encourages checking those types of landmarks out. 

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