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After an hour and 23 minutes of discussion, the Christian County Board in a special virtual meeting this (Tues) afternoon voted 12 to 3 to send a proclamation to Governor J-B Pritzker asking him to re-open Christian County and downstate Illinois.


The discussion was rather contentious at times.  Board chair Becky Edwards first asked Doctor Terry Cunnington of the Christian County Health Department Board, for comments.   Dr. Cunnington said it's not the local health board's roll to determine if businesses should open.



Chris-Mont Emergency Management Agency Director Greg Nimmo told the board the local health department board and his agency aren't authorized to re-open businesses, but he emphathizes with local residents.



Christian County State's Attorney Mike Havara said the board had 3 options to consider at their special meeting.



Christian County Board member Venise McWard read the proposed proclamation that ultimately passed.



Cliff Causeoff, an attorney with the Illinois County Risk Management Trust, the liability insurance pool that Christian County is part of, told the Board that while he's not a fan of the Governor's Executive Order, it is the law, and the county could have significant exposure if they passed a motion allowing businesses in the county to re-open.


There was considerable public comment, with the majority of comments also favoring the county taking a position to re-open businesses in Christian County.


In the end, the board voted 12 to 3 passing the proclamation read earlier in the meeting, and having it sent to the Governor asking him to re-open downstate.


Hear the entire meeting by clicking below:



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