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Governor Gives Law Enforcement Additionally Tools to Enforce Mandates

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Monday tried to clear up some confusion regarding a recent order from his office to give local law enforcement and Departments of Health more enforcement options for statewide mandates.


According to the Governor, enforcement right now is limited and prefers to promote education and compliance, which admits has been effective, but in the event, they need to, there are penalties they can turn to.



Gov. Pritzker says enforcement is the last thing they want to turn to because of the impacts it can have on those businesses. He says currently, a citation is a class-A misdemeanor for the violation of a public health rule.


The emergency rule for the requirement of following the stay at home rules gives local health departments and law enforcement more ability to do their jobs. Gov. Pritzker says this falls in line with other states and does not apply to individuals.



Governor Pritzker thanks 99-percent of Illinois businesses following their guidelines and remains optimistic much of Illinois will move to phase 3 of his reopen Illinois plan.

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