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Taylorville School Board Approves Graduation Plan And Looks Ahead To The Fall

Graduation, the budget, and COVID-19 took center stage during the Taylorville School Board remote meeting via Google Hangouts tonight.


In old business, the board approved several new board policies, discussed the school calendar, and discussed the Fiscal Year 2020 budget.


In new business, the board approved 180 seniors for graduation which will take place on May 22nd. The board also approved some changes to the Taylorville High School handbook. This includes changes to the dress code, attendance policy, and late work policy. A $16,495 purchase was also approved by the board for an annual subscription for the Forecast 5 budgeting tool.


Board President Stephen Turner kicked the meeting off by talking about the dedication of the staff saying that in some cases the Taylorville School District is miles ahead with the decision making process of some other districts in the state.



COVID-19 and returning to in class instruction was also a big topic of discussion. Dr. Dougherty and the Taylorville School District are keeping a close eye on Governor Pritzker’s revitalization plan and are currently working on three separate strategies in regards to fall learning.



For in class learning to return, the central region has to be in phase 4 of the Governor’s revitalization plan. Dr. Dougherty says that it isn’t clear whether or not phase 4 will be enacted by the middle of August.



The next Taylorville School Board meeting is set for Monday, June 15th.

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