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Taylorville Kiwanis Holds First of 4 Drive-Thru Donation Days for Food Pantry Saturday

The Taylorville Food Pantry is benefitting from a truckload of food, as well as cash contributions, donated by Taylorville residents on Saturday.  


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club held the first of their 4 "drive-thru" donation days, in front of the Miller Media Group parking lot at 918 East Park, on Saturday.


Kiwanis members Dennis Barnard and Blain Cornwell manned the event.  Barnard told the Miller Media Group during our live coverage, that turnout was fantastic.



Cornwell said the donation traffic was steady thru-out the day.



Remember that the Taylorville Kiwanis Club will hold these "drive-thru" donation days the remaining Saturdays from 9:30 til one, in the Miller Media Group parking lot at 918 East Park.

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