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Taylorville High School Drive Thru Graduation Is On Again

Taylorville High School's drive-thru on-again, off-again high school graduation is....



That's Superintendent Doctor Chris Dougherty, referring to senior Molly Smith's "Letter to the Governor" she released to Regional Radio and the media on Friday, asking the state to re-consider their earlier decision mid-week last week to ban drive-thru graduations.


Dr. Dougherty said Taylorville had already planned a safe drive-thru ceremony.



Taylorville High School graduation will be Friday, May 22nd at 5:30 in the afternoon.



Graduates will each get their diploma in a safe manner.



A car parade thru town will culminate the day's events.



Taylorville High School graduates will be graduating on the same day that the traditional graduation was originally scheduled, which is May 22nd.

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