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New Case Found At Rolling Meadows In Taylorville; Christian County up to 14 Positive Cases of COVID-19

Reports into Regional Radio News from the local Departments of Health and Emergency Management Agencies have announced new numbers related to COVID-19. In Sangamon County there are 20 pending tests, 16 positive tests, and 386 negative tests. Fayette County has 1 positive test, Macon County has 2 positive tests, Christian County has 7 pending tests, 14 positive tests, and 32 negative tests. Montgomery County has 12 pending tests, 2 previous positive tests, and 32 negative tests. 


During the Chris-Mont EMA press conference held on Tuesday, Montgomery County Information Officer Brian Hitchings gave an update on the Rolling Meadows Senior Living Apartments in Taylorville saying that an additional case has been identified.


Hitchings also announced that there will be some National Guard members stationed on the ground at the joint emergency operations center for Christian and Montgomery Counties. 


Hitchings also said that while there have been no reports of COVID-19 affecting pets, it’s still a good idea if you are sick to restrict contact with pets if at all possible.


For more information on COVID-19 visit taylorvilledailynews.com or check out the Chris-Mont EMA Facebook page.

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