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The Taylorville Food Pantry Is In Need Of Volunteers And Donations

Tyler Frump is a volunteer at the Taylorville Food Pantry and she joined the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show to discuss how the Food Pantry has switched to a drive thru location and how 40% of the families that now are in need of food either haven’t visited the Taylorville Food Pantry in 2020 or haven’t ever visited.


Frump went on to discuss how they have a few different ways in which you can make a donation.


Finally, Frump talked about how the empty shelves in the grocery stores are having a huge impact on the Taylorville Food Pantry being able to find the food that they need.


If you are a family in need or would like to make a donation please call 454-6105 or 820-5174. Tyler Fromp with the Taylorville Food Pantry was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

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