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Christian Montgomery County EMA Director Urging Citizens To Keep Practicing Social Distancing

The Christian-Montgomery County EMA held their daily press conference on Friday and Information Officer Mike Havera talked about some of the numbers from Montgomery and Christian County.  As of Thursday evening, Montgomery County has 16 pending tests, 0 positives, and 20 negative tests. Christian County has 1 pending tests, 2 positive tests, and 17 negative tests. Sangamon County has 98 pending tests, 8 positive cases, and 283 confirmed negative tests. Havera asked everyone to please get medical help if you need it, but to call first.



Chris-Mont EMA Director Greg Nimmo has some concerns about people still practicing social distancing with the warmer weather.


Christian  County Department of Public Health Director Denise Larson addressed concerns about the Crossroads Church where two people have tested positive for COVID-19 saying that everyone knows and the people that need to be quarantined are doing what they have too.


For more information on the Chris Mont EMA please visit their Facebook page.

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