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Coghlan Sentenced To Five Charges; Receives 16 Year Sentence

A Taylorville man was sentenced today for 5 separate charges stemming from incidents over the last year and will serve 16 years in the Department of Corrections. James Coghlan, 35, had his day in court and pled guilty to five different charges, including theft, criminal damage to government property, and escape from prison. States Attorney Mike Havera says that with all the charges together, Coghlan has a 16 year sentence.



Havera says that despite everything that is going on, the States Attorneys office is still able to perform all of the necessary responsibilities.



In order to remain safe and healthy, Havera says they’ve implemented a video court room so they can carryout their duties, but also practice social distancing. 



The sentence is day for day, but all sentences are consecutive rather than concurrent. Coghlan will start serving his sentence at the Department of Corrections immediately.

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