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Chris Mont EMA Announces New COVID-19 numbers; No New Cases; Gives Mental Health Phone Numbers; Addresses National Guard Rumors

During the Chris Mont Emergency Management Agency Press Release today, new numbers were announced for both Christian and Montgomery County. Christian County has 2 pending tests, 1 positive test, and 17 negative tests. Montgomery County has 18 pending tests, 0 positive, and 17 negative tests.  Christian County Information Officer, Mike Havera addressed some concerns over medical care and treatment.



If you are needing mental health treatment, Montgomery County Residents can contact the MCHD office at 1-888-324-5052 between 8 AM and 4 PM. After 4 PM they can call 217-313-4730. Christian County Residents can call the Memorial Behavioral Health Emotional Support Hotline at 217-588-5509. 


Mike Havera also addressed a rumor about the National Guard, stressing that the Guard will not be performing any policing of any kind.



Christian and Montgomery Counties are still actively looking for volunteers for the Medical Reserve Corps.



For more information visit the Chris-Mont EMA Facebook page.

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