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Social Distancing is important. This is the message that the Chris-Mont Emergency Management Agency along with the Christian County and Montgomery County Department of Health is trying to put out. Keeping a 6-foot rule between you and other people and just staying home will go a long way towards preventing the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Bryant Hitchings, Montgomery County Public Information Officer, stressed that this should be done to stop the spread.



Hitchings said first responders may be wearing full protective equipment more frequently than usual, that is for their safety. It does not mean that the person has the coronavirus.


Greg Nimmo, EMA Director says this is much bigger than us. It’s about caring for our neighbors.



Numbers today for Christian County: 5 Pending Tests, 1 Positive, 12 Negative and Montgomery County: 14 Pending Tests, 0 Positive, 16 Negative

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