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Christian County 4th Judicial Circuit Takes Steps To Limit Visitors

The 4th Judicial Circuit in Christian County will remain open according to Chief Judge Kimberly G. Koester and Circuit Judge Brad Paisley. They will monitor the state and local responses to the Corona Virus and have said that they will follow the guidance provided by the state and local public health agencies and the CDC. Chief Judge Koester and Circuit Judge Brad Paisley also announced that the following steps will be taken to temporarily reduce the number of people entering the courthouse.


Courthouse security officers will be screening everyone entering the courthouse for signs of an infection. If an infection is detected, entry into the courthouse will not be allowed. If you have a court date, you should leave your name with courthouse security and your case will be given a continuance.


A plan has also been put in place by Chief Judge Koester and Circuit Judge Paisley to reduce the number of trials and the number of jurors necessary for service. If you receive a summons for jury duty and have symptoms of any kind please contact the Christian County Circuit Clerk’s office at 824-4966 between 8am and 4pm weekdays. Your jury duty service will be moved to a later date. The court will also be expanding the use of remote court appearance through the use of conference calls and any criminal case with an individual in custody will be handled through the use of video conferencing.


The Christian County Problem Solving Court will be canceled for the next 14 days. The only exception is to those individuals as directed by the Problem-Solving Court Team. Marriages will continue to be performed at the courthouse, but only the couple being married is allowed to attend. The Christian County Probation Department will remain open as will the State’s Attorney and the Public Defender’s office.

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