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Sheriff's Office Opposed To Eliminating Cash Bail

The General Assembly in Illinois has brought up the idea of following the State of New York’s example and ending cash bail. The thought from supporters of eliminating it is that it keeps poor people down by keeping free people in jail who are waiting for their hearing. 


A new coalition of law enforcement organizations formed to oppose the efforts and hope that they can reach the General Assembly. The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association, Illinois Fraternal Order of Police, Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council, Chicago Lodge 7 Fraternal Order of Police, Illinois Police Benevolent and Protection Association and the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police have all formed together in an effort to stop this. 


Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp wants to provide the voice of reason. Kettelkamp feels this is more of a public safety issue than anything.



Kettelkamp also worries that people will stop reporting crimes if people are being released back onto the street.



Kettelkamp says they aren’t picking on poor people but trying to punish those who commit crimes.



For more information contact your local Sheriff Department.

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