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City Council Meets; Approves New Generator & Family Video Liquor License

The Taylorville City Council met on Monday evening to discuss ordinances and vote on motions. Taylorville High School basketball senior, Jase Bergschneider was honored for his fantastic career at Taylorville High School as the all-time points leader for THS. At Monday's meeting, the motion to approve and issue a class O Liquor License for Family Video passed. City Attorney Rocki Romano made sure that the Aldermen knew the contingencies of that license being used.


Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry assured the Aldermen, that Family Video understood what needed to be done. The motion passed 5-4 with Lee Lanzotti, Chris Skultetty, Shawn Burtle, and Kathy Driskell all voting no on the motion.  A motion was recommended to change the rates for ambulance services to make them more current.  


There was quite a discussion over a motion to recommend to the City Council to accept the low bid for the generator project from Prairie State Plumbing and Heating Inc. at a cost not to exceed $100,515.00.  This would be paid from the Business Development District Fund. Alderman Megan Bryant voted no on it questioning why they were using the BDD to pay for the generator.


The motion also passed 5-4 as well. Mayor Bruce Barry gave his updates and announced another cleanup date in April.


The next City Council meeting is set for March 16th. 


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