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Nearly ½ of all Illinois residents are burdened with health care costs and prescription drugs. A new survey taken by the Consumer Healthcare Experience State Survey in January found that 54% of respondents are either “worried” or “very worried” about paying for prescription drugs and 28% of Illinois residents have rationed or gone without medication due to the skyrocketing cost of prescription medication. State Senator Manar says that the conversations are the same whether you live in Chicago, Springfield, or Pana.



Senator Manar says that the system needs to change and it starts with legislation.


Manar has announced new legislation, House Bill 3493, to establish the Prescription Drug Affordability Board, which would review data on drug prices and set new payment limits for state-regulated plans.



The survey found that both liberal and conservative Illinoisans showed support for legislation to address price raising and being able to have some consistency with the drug industry.

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