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With viruses like the coronavirus and the flu running rampant throughout parts of the world, it has never been a more important time to practice good hygiene. Nothing does a better job of prevention than washing your hands. According to the CDC, there have been over 175,000 Americans sickened by the flu so far this year and nationwide more than 100 children have died from the flu this season alone. 


Tina Barton, who is an infection preventionist at OSF HealthCare Saint James-John W. Albrecht Medical Center in Pontiac says that while getting the vaccine helps, practicing proper hand hygiene can go a long way towards keeping yourself healthy. 



The CDC recommends a five step handwashing process: wetting hands with clean running water, lathering soap on hands including under nails, scrubbing at least 20 seconds, rinsing hands, and then drying them with an air dryer or clean towel.


As always avoid close contact with people who are sick, sneeze or cough into your elbow, and avoid touching your eyes nose or mouth.

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