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Cowden-Herrick Engineer Talks City Projects

Being an engineer for a city can be a lot of work. While many people may not know what a city engineer does, William Lytle, the engineer for Cowden Herrick says he does keep quite busy.  Lytle says one of the goals as an engineer is to find funding.


Lytle talks about some of the projects that they just finished up including a sewer project for Cowden.



Lytle says grants used to go a long way towards helping not only the projects get funded, but to also pay for the engineers to put the projects together. This rule has been changed now though and grants don’t pay for the designs anymore.


For more information on the work that engineers do for the villages and ways that you can help out, visit your city hall or talk to your mayor. William Lytle was a guest on WTIM’s Hometown Tour.

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