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Local Politicians Respond To State Of The State Address

Both House Representatives and State Senators responded in force to Governor J.B. Pritzker’s State of the State Address. Representative Avery Bourne says that she is happy with Governor Pritzker’s focus on corruption but Representative Bourne says she was unhappy that nothing was mentioned about redistricting reform.



Illinois State Senator Chapin Rose felt it was a good speech but was also disappointed that there was no talk about property tax relief.


Illinois State Senator Steve McClure also gave his opinion on the speech saying that he was happy Pritzker was positive and supported bipartisanship. Senator McClure focused on the fair map issue as well.



State Senator Manar couldn’t be reached for comment, but he did release this statement, “What we heard today was a vision for the state that reflects the interests of working families in rural and downstate communities. Over the past year, we’ve made tremendous strides toward rebuilding our infrastructure, uplifting our public schools, making child care more accessible, and bringing high-speed internet to rural communities. I was pleased by the Governor’s renewed commitment to these issues.” 

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