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Cowden-Herrick School Superintendent Talks 2020

The school district in Cowden-Herrick has an enrollment of 370 students and a K-5 building in Herrick and a 6-12 building in Cowden. Seth Schuler, who is the Superintendent of the Schools, says that at the end of the day it’s about taking care of the students of Cowden-Herrick.


Schuler says there are some exciting things coming to Cowden-Herrick including a distance learning classroom.


Schuler is also hoping that they can bring AC to the High School and the Elementary Building as well.


For more information on Cowden-Herrick School District visit https://www.cowden-herrick.k12.il.us/. Seth Schuler was a guest on our Hometown Tour live in Cowden, Illinois.

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