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Park Board Announces Pool Fee Increases Due To Minimum Wage Increases

The Taylorville Park Board met on Monday evening and announced that due to minimum wage increases, they would need to raise daily pool fees. Recreational Director, Bailey Hancock, encouraged the board to increase fees to $5 to cover costs for daily swim fees and $1 for children 4 and under.



Hancock wants to keep season passes, swim lessons, and pool parties the same cost with an idea to look at it maybe next year. Daycamp fees have been upped $5 a week as well due to costs. 


The board agreed and voted YES to raise daily swim fees to $5 per child and $1 for children 4 and under. The Board also approved going ahead and looking for an engineer to design plans towards improving the pool. In order to apply for a grant from the State of Illinois, the Park District would need to have plans already in place for what they wanted to do. Mary Ann Becker talked about what was next for moving towards a new pool.



The board will move forward on finding an engineer and make an announcement of what they plan to do next at the next Park Meeting in February.

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