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The Taylorville City Council will meet Tuesday evening, due to the holiday on Monday. After approval of all regular minutes, there will be a discussion of an ordinance dealing with Taylorville City Code for lake lots and campground sites leasing fee increases. Under committee reports, for lake/airport issues a motion to recommend the airport to purchase a card reader system to replace the old card reader system will be voted on. There will also be a motion for recommending approval of building a boat dock at 43 Lake Vista Drive, along with research on installing keyless entry devices on the cabins and to increase deposit when renting a cabin.


Under water environmental issues will be a couple of motions for water treatment payment and construction payment costs along with a recommendation for a new aluminum sulfate feed pump from Brooks & Associates.


Under ordinance issues, there will be a discussion for a motion to recommend a new ordinance to allow the operation of UTV’s in the city of Taylorville with the same requirements as the golf cart ordinance. There will also be a motion to modify class A and class C Liquor licenses to include a gaming option at a rate of $3,000 and to require all license holders to pay all fees in full at the time of renewal. 


Under finance issues, there will be a motion to approve contributions to Christian County CEO program. There will be discussion and a motion to allow Ms. Maggie Tarr to complete the historic mural on the Advanced Title Building located at 101 South Washington 18x80 at a cost not to exceed $18,000 from the BDD fund with a start date of April/May 2020.


There will be treasurer and mayor updates along with a closed AFSCME negotiation. The meeting will take place at the Municipal Building at 7 PM.

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