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New Laws In 2020 Look At Education, Cybersecurity, And Economic Development

As 2020 rolls in, so do many new Illinois laws that will take effect as well. In economic development areas, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity must create a Clean Water Workforce Pipeline Program to prepare people for a career in water infrastructure.  Restrictions are reduced on opening businesses for those with past criminal offenses and provides flexibility to various state departments to review those circumstances around past offenses.


In cybersecurity, a new law has been placed called the Blockchain Technology Act which provides for permitted uses and limitations of blockchain technology in transactions and proceedings and prohibits local governments from imposing taxes or fees and certain restrictions on the use of blockchain. Blockchain is used in cryptography. Any company that collects personal information concerning Illinois residents must report data breaches affecting more than 500 Illinois residents to the Attorney General.


In education laws, all school districts must report teacher employment data including the number of teachers employed to the State Board of Education. Students must take three years of math to graduate high school, but provides local school districts with flexibility over required classes to remove barriers to graduation for some students. A new law requires that sex education course material for grades 6 through 12 include age-appropriate discussions on consent. Another new law requires a student to be notified before any school student record is destroyed or information is deleted. 


Stay tuned to Regional Radio News all week for more, as over 250 laws take effect January 1st in Illinois.


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