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WSVZ 98.3 Flips Format to 60's Oldies Today

The Miller Media Group of radio stations in Taylorville, flipped one of its radio stations to a different format effective just past midnight today, January First.


WSVZ 98-point-3, the group's Shelbyville radio station, flipped from "new country" to a format featuring Top 40 hits from 1960 to 1974, as "Cruisin' 98-point-3."


The new station will feature a live and local morning show with daily contests, from 6 til 8 weekday mornings, plus a live and local request show on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.


Miller Media Group president Randal J. Miller stated that the reason for the format change, was a demographic study he did show 2018 population of the counties WSVZ covers, showing that over half the population is age 40 and over.


The Cruisin' format had been on a local signal that reached just Christian County at 96-point-5.  That format was moved to WSVZ today, January First, and 96-point-5 is now simulcasting programming from WRAN groovy 97-point-3.

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