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Another Christian County Board meeting, and another night filled with comments for and against wind turbines. Turbines wasn’t even on the agenda tonight, but the meeting was moved to Taylorville High School regardless in order to accommodate the huge crowds that have been gathering at these meetings. Tuesday’s County Board meeting had over 150 people in attendance. 


In committee reports, Committee head Phil Schneider called for a vote on having an inspector come out and look at the Courthouse elevator. The elevator which is operated by OTIS is already slated to be fixed in February. Schneider announced that OTIS has already ordered the parts, and if the County Board pulls out of the deal, they could face serious litigation. 



The motion passed and the county will bring someone in to do another inspection to see if the 57 year elevator truly needs to be replaced. Repairs will also be looked at for the sagging floor at the south entrance of the courthouse. 


An approval went through for hiring an assistant public defender position. Judge Brad Paisley had requested that the County hire one as the work load has gone up tremendously.  State’s Attorney Mike Havera said that the need is strong.



Christian County Board members also voted to push back the “safety tax” vote till April of 2021 so the County would have time to explain to the public why this was so important. The county abolished the office of Jury Commissioner and revised the County Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax Ordinance to add a %3.75 sales tax to unincorporated areas of Christian County and a 3% sales tax made in municipalities located in Christian County.


As far as the wind turbines go, Havera also announced that they would be seeking to hire an attorney to represent the county not pro or against wind energy. Havera stressed that whoever the County hires should be involved with the process immediately. 


As debate ramped up between both sides on the wind energy discussion. Both sides made comments during the public

comment section and Chairwoman Becky Edwards admonished the crowd who applauded loudly during anti wind farm statements. Edwards asked repeatedly for the audience to stop cheering. When the crowd refused, Edwards called for adjournment for the meeting. The motion failed but only one other person spoke afterwards. The meeting was only adjourned when no one else came forward to speak.


The next County Board meeting will take place on January 21st, 2020.

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