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Christian County Hazards Mitigation Committee Meet; Discuss Hazards

The Christian County Hazards and Mitigation Teams met on Tuesday afternoon for their third meeting in an effort to secure grants from FEMA and IEMA. In the meeting today, Andrea Bostwick with AEC informed the group what vulnerabilities affect Christian County and the vulnerability assessment.


One way to assess vulnerabilities was to calculate the size of an area impacted by the tornado, then use the area impacted followed by estimating potentially damaged housing. Some areas would get more than others based on how many houses were in what areas. For instance, Stonington has a smaller population but many more houses crowded together in a small area than Taylorville does. 


The other vulnerability that was discussed was flooding. This time the type of flood was looked at along with the scope of the flood event and what areas would flood. 



The participants of the meeting rated tornadoes as the biggest hazard with thunderstorms, floods, winter storms, and hazardous materials incidents rounding out the top 5 for hazard rankings. The next Christian County Mitigation Meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 3rd.

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