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Taylorville City Council To Meet First Time In December

The Taylorville City Council will meet this evening. There will be a motion to approve construction plans for the Hathaway Homes of Taylorville Phase 2. There will be some ordinance recommendations as well including amending the ordinance on increasing liquor/gaming license fees, zoning classifications. 


For committee reports, finance will vote on the 2020 Workers Compensation Policy Renewal Premium. There will also be a discussion on the tax levy and discussion on the BDD Benefits for further review. A five year step increase for sewer fees will be discussed with an increase of $0.003 by 2024. 


Under ordinances, the motion for changing the regulation and licensing of taxicab drivers will be discussed. Under the public facilities section, there will also be a motion for approval of the electrical services company to complete electrical work for new video equipment in the council chambers. There will also be a motion to proceed with phase 3 of the existing contract with Johnson Engineering. 


As always, there will be Mayoral, Treasurer, and City Attorney updates as well. 

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