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The Taylorville Tornado: One Year Later Part 3

On December First, 2018, the City of Taylorville changed forever, when an EF-3 tornado hit the community.  Over 700 structures were damaged and 33 were totally destroyed.


Regional Radio News is remembering that fateful day in a series of features where we'll review that day, and that days that followed.


During the press conference on December 1st, Former EMA Director and Taylorville Fire Chief Mike Crews did not downplay how much of a role spotters had in saving lives. 


Former Miller Media News Director Harrison Silcox said they were trying to get as many crews out to the area as possible.



The help came pouring in from everywhere, almost to the point where it was too much. Silcox had an update saying that they were going to continue search and rescue operations throughout the evening.



Operations would continue well into the night as crews worked nonstop to try to clear debris and help those who were trapped.


Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more special features as we remember the Taylorville Tornado, one year later.


And, don't forget the event taking place this Sunday from 2 til 4 at the Taylorville V-F-W to commemorate the first anniversary.  There'll be free snacks, soda, and water, and free entertainment.  WMKR Genuine Country 94-point-3 will broadcast the event live.

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