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Rodney Davis Speaks About USMCA

While the story in Washington D.C. continues to be heavy on impeachment proceedings, members of congress are still working behind the scenes to try to get legislation pushed through that can help better the United States. Congressman Rodney Davis has been focusing heavily on issues that will help Illinoisans. One of those bills is the USMCA (United States Mexico Canada Agreement) which would take the spot of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).


Congressman Davis says that the bill is being put on the backburner, but it is a needed necessity for Illinois farmers and their families.



Congressman Davis says that UMCA should have been pushed through already, but impeachment has pushed everything to the back burner and nothing else is getting accomplished.



There should be a way, Congressman Davis feels, that they should be able to continue their impeachment hearings and accomplish what needs to be done for the American people.



40% of Illinois Ag and manufacturing products get exported to either Mexico or Canada.

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