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The ACA open enrollment period for the Illinois Department of Insurance is now open. The campaign will run from November 1st until December 15th. This is a way for you to shop to find the insurance plan that fits your health care needs. There are over 140 different health insurance plans and you can choose gold, silver, and bronze. If you were already enrolled in a marketplace plan last year, you will be automatically enrolled in the same plan or one that is close and offered by the same insurer for the upcoming 2020 plan year. You should check your health plan coverage regardless to make sure that your doctors are still included in the 2020 plan year. It also helps you lower your monthly premium costs by shopping around.


Under the insurance plan, you will not be able to purchase insurance coverage after December 15th so it’s extremely important that you look now.  The only way you can get insurance after December 15th is by having a qualifying life event, such as getting married, becoming a new parent, or losing health care coverage. To get the insurance plan that’s right for you, visit the Get Covered website at https://getcovered.illinois.gov/en. You can also visit the Illinois Department of Insurance to view the 2020 analysis of the Illinois Exchange Plan at https://insurance.illinois.gov. 

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